$12.5 Million GTD Venom (our most massive tournament of all time!)

Five years ago, we launched our $5 Million Venom, and just two years later, we raised the stakes to $10 Million! And lucky for you we鈥檙e not done yet.

Our unprecedented $12.5 Million GTD Venom arrives in April 2024. Multiple millionaires will be made, with even more players winning life-changing quantities of cash.

So, consider this 鈥 are you ready for your One Time?

Here鈥檚 how the $12.5 Million GTD Venom could be life-changing:

  • Multiple winners will earn at least $1 Million.
  • It surpasses our previous biggest tournament by a whopping $2.5 Million.
  • Numerous opportunities to secure your $2,650 seat for as little as $0.
  • Five Day 1 options, including an unprecedented three Sundays.
  • Many Venom Special events coincide with the tournament.

April 14th to May 1st

  • Day 1A 鈥 Sunday, April 14th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1B 鈥 Thursday, April 18th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1C 鈥 Sunday, April 21st at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1D 鈥 Thursday, April 25th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1E 鈥 Sunday, April 28th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 2 鈥 Monday, April 29th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 3 鈥 Tuesday, April 30th at 1:05pm ET
  • Final Table 鈥 Wednesday, May 1st at 4:05pm ET

Coming Soon…

Second Venom with our MTT Staking feature

This is the second Venom Holdem tourney with our Staking feature available. Staking allows you to buy a portion of another player’s tourney buy-in, getting you in the action without playing a single hand. Players can also choose to 鈥榞et staked鈥 and lower the cost and variance of playing in the Venom.

The staking feature is 100% backed by WPN which eliminates all risks normally associated with staking. It鈥檚 safe, it鈥檚 easy, and so much fun.

To learn more about Staking, visit the promotion page here.

Coming Soon…

Terms and Conditions

1. After qualifying to Day 2, registration for further Day 1 flights is strictly prohibited. Participating in an additional Day 1 to accumulate a larger stack, post-qualification, will not be possible.

2. Selling a primary ticket is prohibited. Only players with multiple tickets can sell their additional tickets.

3. Players with multiple Venom tickets for sale are free to negotiate the price with the potential buyer. To confirm the sale, both the seller and buyer are required to email tickettrade@winningpokernetwork.com from their WPN registered email account stating the agreed price and intention to purchase/sell.

4. If a participant has one entry and desires to acquire additional entries, they are allowed to do so. Should the extra entry (or entries) remain unused at the end of late registration on the final Day 1 (April 28th, 2024), the participant must wait until the next Venom event to use their extra entry (or entries).

5. Venom tickets valued at $2,650 are the only WPN tickets that are transferable. All other tickets are strictly non-transferable and will expire within 1 year of their date of issue.

6. $2,650 Venom tickets are designed for exclusive use in Venom tournaments.

7. Players are restricted to using one Winning Poker Network account during the April/May $12.5 Million Venom tournament.

8. Players with multiple tickets across multiple Winning Poker Network accounts must contact customer service to move their tickets to a single account. This should occur before Day 1A of the $12.5 Million Venom tournament, which is on Sunday, April 14th.

9. Failing to combine tickets into a single WPN account by contacting customer service before the event will result in automatic ticket confiscation and permanent closure of the related Winning Poker Network accounts.

10. Players discovered using multiple Winning Poker Network accounts during the April/May $12.5 Million Venom event will forfeit any winnings.

11. Final table deal-making is permitted.

12. WPN reserves all rights to alter the terms and conditions within a reasonable time prior to the tournament.



Join the WPN Affiliates Program and receive a CPA commission with every active player you bring to the site.





Join the WPN Affiliates Program and receive a CPA commission with every active player you bring to the site.