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On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions we received at BlackChip Poker. Please click on them in order to display the answer. If the answer to your question is not listed here please contact us.

How do I contact a Support Representative?
What’s the easiest way to fund my online Poker account?
Do I need to have or give out my Credit Card details to fund my account?
How do I see table chat?
How do I chat with other players?
What kind of operating system do I need in order to play online poker?
What is the minimum screen resolution setting I can use?
What games are available?
How does the “Auto Post Blind” change affect you?
What does “Wait for Big Blind” mean?
What color settings can be supported?
How much available disk space do I need?
If I lose connection with the BCP Client, what happens to my hand and my money?
How long do I have to reconnect and get back in the hand after I’ve been disconnected?
What happens in event of a server interruption on the BlackChip Poker server?
How is Bonus Cash Released?
How can I re-size the tables?
How can I straddle?
What is a Geo Target tournament?
How do I use the tournament filter?
How do I use the cash game filter?
How can I check my statistics?
Will you share my information with any third party?
What can I do to keep my BlackChip Poker account secure?
Why can’t my friend play from the same IP?