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The Cage Live

The Cage Live

Win your way to a wild weekend of poker
and partying in San Jose, Costa Rica

It's time to pack your bags and leave your significant other at home. We're bringing The Cage Live to the Taormina Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, every other month. Experience two days of intense action on and off the felt in this adults-only event.

Think you have the stamina to handle the fun and intensity? We're giving you plenty of chances to win your $8,340 prize package. It includes your $5,250 Cage Live buy-in, a $340 Six Plus Hold'em tourney buy-in or Live Cage Satellite, hotel accommodations, airfare and spending cash.

Have you entered The Cage?

The Cage is a time-based cash game in tournament format. Don't miss your chance to pound your opponents and really let loose in the Costa Rica capital.

Win 1 of 3 $8,340 packages every Sunday night

We're awarding three Cage Live prize packages guaranteed every Sunday night. Just enter our $55 Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellite at 6pm ET. You can also earn your satellite entry for free via The Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboards.

Winners of the $8,340 package will receive:

  • $5,000 + $250 Buy-in to Cage Live Event
  • $300+$40 Six Plus Hold'em Tourney Ticket/Cage Live Satellite Ticket (player's choice)
  • $800 airfare
  • $1,000 spending Cash
  • Up to 3 nights' accommodation at the Taormina Casino and Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Airport Transportation

Pick your Date

The Cage Live runs six times a year. You can attend any one of the remaining Cage Live events this year.

September 28th- October 1st, 2018
November 30th- December 3rd, 2018 (POT LIMIT OMAHA)
January 25th – 28th, 2019
March 29th – April 1st, 2019
May 31st – June 3rd, 2019
August 9th – 12th, 2019
October 4th – 7th, 2019
November 29th – December 2nd, 2019

The Cage Live Structure

  • 2-Day Event
  • Players start with 5,000 in tournament chips.
  • 3 hours Blind Levels.
  • 30 minute break every level.
  • No late registration.
  • No Re-entry allowed.

Play Schedule

  • Day 1 -> 2 Levels
  • Day 2 -> 2 Levels


  • Level 1 with $10 / $20 blinds and $5 ante
  • Level 2 with $25 / $50 blinds and $5 ante
  • Level 3 with $40 / $80 blinds and $10 ante
  • Level 4 with $50 / $100 blinds and $10 ante

*All player's antes are paid by the button player every hand (Button Ante Format)

CAGE LIVE EVENTS (all local times):

  • WPN offices on Friday at 4pm (We'll meet players in the Lobby at 3:30pm)
  • Dinner at the hotel on Friday night at 6pm
  • Live music at the bar in the casino, Friday and Saturday night, at 9pm
  • Friday night $340 buy-in Cage Live Satellite at 7pm
  • Saturday night $340 buy-in Six Plus Hold'em Tournament at 9pm

Cage Live - March 16th - 19th Recap

The first ever nosebleed stakes cash game in time-based tournament has drawn to its exciting conclusion and our inaugural Cage Live Event was a huge success.

We had a total of 21 entrants either qualify via satellite or cough up the $5,250 buy-in to compete in the inaugural event.  Out of 21 players who started the day yesterday, only a total of 10 players managed to grind out a payday in the end, some with some pretty noticeable scores.

Congratulations to Stanley Lee who was our big winner, taking home a total of $19,875 for finishing atop of the field. 

Here’s a look at the winners:

Player Chip Stack
Stanley Lee $19,875
Hugo Barboza $13,810
Diego Montezuma $13,065
Phil Nagy $10,785
Alex Brenes $9,640
Joe Williams $9,430
Brandon Merril $8,830
Jose Sanchez $7,045
Farhad Sinari $6,415
Nick Niegarth $6,105

A special thank-you to our online qualifiers who came to visit us from far and wide after qualifying for their $8,000 package in the Beast and Sit & Crush $55 buy-in Sunday night qualifiers. 

Their trip down to our backyard gave us the rare opportunity to showcase our offices during a player tour we gave on Friday, and take them for a night on the town in the Party Bus on Saturday night!

Cage Live May 25th – 28th Recap

That's all she wrote! The 2nd Cage Live Event of 2018 has concluded. The victors are now collecting their spoils and the losers talk on the rail of what could have been.

Out of the 28 players that started the event, 13 survived, and some thrived. A big congratulations to Christopher Roberts who came out on top of the field and won the day with a massive score of $21,825

Here's a look at the winners:

Player Chip Count
Christopher Roberts $21,825
Charles Horrocks $18,890
Jeff Gross $15,435
Dan Stavila $13,100
Tyler Sumrall $11,460
Samuel Horrocks $9,850
Alex Brenes $9,820
Phil Nagy $9,490
Owen Gaines $7,665
Juan Martin Pastor $7,325
Jose David Sanchez $5,425
Aleksandar Tojcic $5,350
Semen Virovlyanskiy $4,365
Joshua Damm 14th Place
RVK 15th Place
Maya French 16th Place
David Tacsan 17th Place
Pavlo Keda 18th Place
Julian Kaplan 19th Place
Ivan Fernandez 20th Place
Bryan England 21st Place
Samuel Phillips 22nd Place
Joe Williams 23rd Place
Tim Jdix 24th Place
Troy Quenneville 25th Place
Emil Schiff 26th Place
Thomas Cannuli 27th Place
Nicholas Niergarth 28th Place

A big thank you to all the players and guests who made their way out to Costa Rica and helped make this event so successful.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to qualify for one of the 3 remaining Cage Live events this year in July, September and November. You can qualify for your $8,000 package via the $55 buy-in Sunday Night Satellites at 6pm ET.

Cage Live July 27th – 30th Recap

The 3rd Live Cage event of 2018 is done and everyone who survived unscathed is swapping their chips for cash. 

In case you missed our live stream, 13 survived the tournament out of the 33 players who entered. And leaving Costa Rica with the biggest prize is Dan Stavila with $42,115. Congrats. And here's a look at everyone else who leaves Costa Rica with cash:

Here's a look at the winners:

Player Chip Count
Dan Stavila $42,115
Phuc Ly $18,420
Alex Brenes $14,640
Anthony Diotte $14,025
Phil Nagy $12,950
Dan Kent $12,265
Joe Williams $11,720
Humberto Brenes $9,665
Jason Howe $7,415
Troy Quenneville $7,125
Vitalie Stavila $6,785
Juan Pasto $4,370
Elliot Peterman $3,505

Once again, thank you to everyone who made their way to San Jose to make our Live Cage a big success. But we’re not done yet.

We've got two more Live Cage events on the docket — one in September in one in November. If you want in, head to Americas Cardroom and nab an $8,000 package. There are three of them on the line this Sunday and every Sunday at 6pm ET for just $55.

Terms and Conditions

  • Satellite winners who win their package in the months December 2018 to September 2019 have a maximum of 7 months to use their package (3 Cage Live Events)
  • Satellite winners who win their package in October and November 2018 will have one year to use their package
  • Winners are responsible for booking their own flight to and from San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • All decisions made by the Tournament Director for Cage Live events are final.
  • $340 tickets have no cash value and must be used for either the Cage Live Satellite (Friday night) or 6 Plus Hold’em event (Saturday night) or it’s value will be forfeited.
  • To help coordinate transportation, itinerary must be provided to organizers at least three business days before date of arrival.
  • Cage Live packages have no cash value and are non-transferable.
  • Players who win multiple packages online will only receive the spending money for 1 package at a time. The spending money will be allotted during each of the separate visits to Costa Rica.
  • All Cage Live winnings will be deposited directly into players' WPN accounts. Prizes will not be awarded in cash.
  • Breakfast is included at the hotel.
  • Players are responsible for any additional expenses incurred.

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