Slots Ride Along

This one’s a game changer.  Literally.

BCP is proud to be the first site on the planet to debut the Slots Ride Along technology! This groundbreaking innovation allows multiple players to play on the same slot machine, letting our players experience the thrill of winning…together!

Slots Ride Along allows you (the passenger) to wager on the spins of a streamer (the driver).  As a passenger, you can choose your wager amount, so you can play on the same slot machine as the driver, each betting different amounts.  When the driver wins, you win too!

Imagine getting together online with all your friends to watch your favorite streamer, and you all hit the bonus together.  This is the fun and excitement the Slots Ride Along delivers!

How do I Play?

1. Click on 777 slots ridelaong from the client.

2. Under search type Ride Along or just go to the bottom of the site and click on it.

3. Select the stream to Ride Along.

4. Choose your wager amount or configure auto play.

5. Start spinning and winning.

Tool Tips

A. Group session cumulative stats

B. Your total session win for you, the driver, and other passengers

C. Live stream of the slot everyone is playing

D. Transaction history for this session

E. Session videos available for social sharing

F. Your current casino balance

G. Your latest win

H. Configure multiple spins

I. Click to spin

J. Add or deduct spins to Autoplay feature

K. Increase or decrease your bet amount

The experience of playing slots has now forever been transformed from being a solitary game, to an exciting group event!

What are you waiting for?  Jump in the fun with your friends today.

How to Become a Slots Ride Along Driver

We’ve just launched our groundbreaking Slots Ride Along technology and are now accepting applications from streamers looking to capitalize on this massive opportunity!

How to monetize your viewership as a driver

1. Percentage of Bet Volume

We pay you a flat percentage of the total bet volume of the passengers while you stream.  The more people who are watching and riding along on your slot spins, the more money you make. Percentage varies based on slots volatility and more information will be provided upon acceptance of the application.

2. Channel growth/Attracting new players to your stream

The Slots Ride Along allows you to share video clips of big wins in real-time.  You can incentivize your community members to share these clips via their social channels.  These clips will allow you to attract new players to your Twitch channel as well as your live casino stream.

Applying to become a Slots Ride Along Driver:

Just click the Apply Now button to fill out our online application.  Successful applicants will be emailed within 24-72 hours.


Apply Now

Do passengers have to be new customers to get paid while I stream?

Not at all.  Whether it’s a new customer or seasoned veteran, if they’re passengers while you’re driving, you’ll make money on their volume.

Do I want my viewers to lose?

Not at all. As opposed to revenue share deals that pay affiliates only when their community members lose, you make money on bet volume.  It’s exciting because you can legitimately cheer for big wins for both you and your viewers.

What streaming platform can I use?

We are exclusively accepting streamers, but we will be adding additional streaming platforms soon.

How to get Twitch clips and host them on the BCP Ride Along page?

1. Create the clip you want from the Twitch Stream

2. Download it directly or use a clip download tool like:

3. Upload them directly on the dedicated YouTube channel: Twitch Ride Along and then add the video to the specific playlist.

We have different playlists for each content creator or you can use the generic Playlist called slotstwitch.

4. Once uploaded, wait about 10 minutes and the website will be updated.

Check out the video with the step-by-step instructions here.

5. Once your application has been accepted you can gain access to the Twitch Ride Along channel. Just send an email to with the google email address of your moderator and we will add him as a manager of the channel so he can upload the videos to the channel and then the playlists.



Join the WPN Affiliates Program and receive a CPA commission with every active player you bring to the site.





Join the WPN Affiliates Program and receive a CPA commission with every active player you bring to the site.